French calligrapher Nicola Ouchenir to visit Japan

We are pleased to invite Nicola Uschneil, who is very popular in Paris, to hold a pop-up event on the following dates.
We are looking forward to seeing you all for a limited time.

On the day of the visit event, you may have to wait depending on the congestion situation.

Please note that the order will be handled in the order of purchase.

May 27-June 22 Shinsaibashi Parco 1st floor THE WINDOW
* June 6th (Monday) 13: 00-16: 00 Mr. Nicola Ouchenir visits the store

June 2-June 16 ESTNATION Roppongi Hills store
* June 4th (Sat) / June 5th (Sun) 14: 00-18: 00 Mr. Nicola Ouchenir visits the store

June 6th (Monday) Concept Store PERMANENTE

* 19: 00-21: 00 Mr. Nicola Ouchenir visits the store

ESTNATION Roppongi Hills store, Shinsaibashi Parco, Concept store PERMANENTE(Kyoto)

We will draw hand-drawn drawings on the spot for customers who purchase on the day of the event at all three locations.

In addition, we will sell a limited number of 10 copies of A3 original posters with autographs and numbering handwritten by Mr. Ouchenir.

The theme of this collaboration is "sea". The poems and illustrations written by Mr. Ouchenir are incorporated into the leather in his signature ink color. It is an original material that beautifully expresses the touch drawn by Mr. Ouchenir on waterproof cowhide with silk screen version technology. In addition to shoulder bags and tote bags, we have a lineup of highly original items such as surfboard type bags that are unique to this collaboration.

* Items handled differ depending on each store, so please contact us in advance if you have decided on the item you are considering.

nicolas ouchenir.jpeg

2021 collaboration

DUREN x Nicolas Ouchenir dedicated site

Opened April 1st


Live the reality. It's important to feel now. Let's imagine.

You can remain uneasy. You can stop. Let's take a look at the surrounding scenery.

You just have to hit your hot feelings. You just have to be absorbed in it. You can leave it to your heart.

Let's say good morning to everyone today. Also for the dog in that house.
Everyone smiles and I smile too.


Live the reality. Now it's a monochrome view. Let's buy paint.

It doesn't have to be beautiful. You only need to take one step at a time. You can take a detour.

If you are sad, you should cry. Just scream. You can stay as you are.

I would like to thank everyone today. Also for the uncle of the flower shop.

Everyone smiles and I smile too.

Live the reality. Now turn off your smartphone. Let's charge our heart.

You just have to rest a little. All you have to do is accumulate power. And anger.

The dream is today in the future. To love yourself now. Let's move on to a new daily life.

Let's talk about dreams with everyone today. To that person who would be embarrassed to say.

I smile and everyone smiles.