Company Profile


Founded  2013

Established  March 2015

Capital  20 million yen

5 employees (including officers)

Fiscal year end February (once a year)

Head Office 12-312-5 Shinmachi, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto 612-8081, Kyoto Prefecture
TEL 075-286-8144 FAX 075-286-8144

CEO  Masaaki Matsukawa

Planning, manufacturing and wholesale of leather products

Import and export of domestic and overseas products

Manufacturing and retailing of apparel products



Tel: 075-286-8144



Duren is from Japan. The craftmanship evokes your "hidden charm from inside".



Story of the brand

Established in 2013 by producer Masaki Matsukawa and designer Kohei Okamoto.

First collection announced in Italy and Paris

2018 Opened the first store in the Marais district of Paris, France

2019 Opened a concept store in Kyoto





Producer Masaki Matsukawa

Born in Kyoto in 1977

After a career as a show model in 2001, Opened his own select shop "FR-T".

After that, with the eldest son of Vivian Westwood Established "Ben Westwood".

2010 Opened select shop "ALLE AREA".

2014 Announced jeans made of 100% Japanese paper. Featured in domestic and foreign media.



Designer Kohei Okamoto

Born in Kyoto in 1977

After graduating from Osaka Mode Gakuen, studied under bag designer Keiko Chihara.

Independent in 2005. The original brand "KOUHEI OKAMOTO" was launched.

2008 First show at Roland-Garros-French Open.

Participated in the 2009 Ethical Fashion Show in Paris. In the same year, it is called "sewn wood"

Launched the "Tenage by Kohei Okamoto" series using patented technology.

2010 Collaboration with the long-established sake brewery "Kinshi Masamune". Nominated for "Good Design Award 2010".

2013 Launched the original brand "DUREN" with Masaki Matsukawa.





Collection timeline

Crinkle Leather period 2013 ~; Brand standard designed with original material with shape memory that crimps thin cowhide and aluminum foil

Jeter period 2019 ~; A series featuring street art with the motif of icons of designer brands and luxury maisons from around the world.

Emergency period 2020SS; A series that expresses the process of being reborn from a pupa to an adult. A design that is still a 3D sketch of the image stage

Cloudy Leather period 20.21AW; A series of small leather goods using materials that have been clouded by waxing. It features a paradoxical design that the more you use it, the more beautiful it becomes.

Hug Leather period 20.21AW; A weight-reducing bag that feels soothing just by holding it, combining the same memory foam mat and nappa leather as the Tempur mat.




2016 Prada art director David James collaborates with "DUREN / DJA"

2017 New York graffiti artist Shantell Martin collaborates with "DUREN / Shantell Martin"

Announcing an embroidery line using traditional French techniques

2018 Hermès art director Benoit Pierre Emmery announces collaboration "DUREN / Benoit Pierre Emmery"





Italy A-Dash Design Award 2016

Japan Good Design Award 2016

Germany iF Design Award 2017