DC09LV Bread Bag

DC09LV Bread Bag

W190 H320 D105mm

Made in Japan

Material: Cowhide, undesignated fiber (aluminum foil) (tricot)


Bread bag for the 2019 collection. It was made under the concept of "Jeter", "discard, throw away". It features a cynical design of the icon that has spread throughout the world.

The original material "Crinkle Leather" that combines aluminum foil and ultra-thin leather is used.

Like a paper bag, wrap it around your mouth and fold it to use like a clutch bag. It is a representative item of Durren who is irrelevant regardless of genre of gender difference fashion.

  • Designer's comment

    Taking into account the historical background of Steven Sprouse, Duren's method of expression is to describe the characters as if the eyes were drawn on the curved lines and the alphabet like an innocent child wrote.

    This is hand-painted by the designer himself who was conscious of Japanese graffiti.

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    "Crinkle Leather Handling Precautions"

    1; In addition, crinkle leather is processed with special leather. Due to the nature of the material, the color and wrinkles vary depending on the product.

    Avoid excessive bending or twisting of the product. It may cause deterioration earlier.

    2; Color may transfer to other clothing when wet with rain or sweat or due to friction. If it gets wet, lightly press it with a soft cloth, and make sure to dry it in the shade.

    3; Discoloration, fading, hardening, and shape loss due to water wetting and long-term use are unavoidable.

    4; When cleaning the leather part, use a leather cleaner.

    When storing, please store in a dry and cool place.

  • Designer's comment

    Similarly to Stephen Sprouse, Duren reproduced infantile and pristine characters inspired from Japanese graffiti.

    These spontaneous patterns take life and pops out as you handle the bag, following the shintoistbelief according to which objects that have been cherished by their master acquire a spirit.

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