DEM01-bk HAND BAG DUREN/Emmanuelle Vernoux

DEM01-bk HAND BAG DUREN/Emmanuelle Vernoux

DUREN/Emmanuelle Vernoux

SIZE. W300 H260 D140mm

TEX. Cowhide, undesignated fiber (aluminum foil) (tricot)

(Decorative part; acrylic PVC, leather chips, etc.)

Made in Japan

  • Handling precautions

    All the embroidery is handmade and attached one by one.

    We also use materials such as acrylic and PVC that are easily caught on cotton.

    Depending on the frequency of use and usage, the decoration may be removed

    You may get caught in your clothes, so

    Please use it after fully understanding.

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  • Delivery/Delivery

    After ordering, we will ship from the designated shipping company within 3 days.

    The shipping cost is 600 yen, apart from the product price.

    We will inform you by email after the shipment is completed.